5 Things To Do In Emaar Square Istanbul

5 Things To Do In Emaar Square Istanbul

Emaar Square Mall attracts people with many entertainment, music, art, culture and fashion activities. While concerts, interviews, collections and design presentations are held at Emaar Square Mall; it is also possible to find fun, informative activities for children. So what are five things you can do at Emaar Square Mall?

You Can Visit Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

How about a fascinating journey at Emaar Aquarium, the most entertaining underwater zoo in Istanbul? An unforgettable journey awaits you with many exciting thematic sections such as the main tank and tunnel aquarium, rocky shores, jellyfish gallery, underwater forests, rivers and waterfalls, penguin island, crocodile kingdom. Tropical fish from around the world will allow you to explore the underwater world closely. Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo brings thousands of visitors to the mysterious and colourful world of the oceans, from sharks living in the coastal areas to giant spider crabs living in the dark and cold waters of the seas, from the most curious fishes of the seafloor to the poisonous lionfish, from the fastest species of the seas to manta lands.

At the Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo you can see a variety of shark and stingray species, shrimps, crustaceans on the rocky shore.

You Can Buy Something Interesting; Balloon Store

Do you want to make your parties much more fun? Filled with cheap prices, a variety of surprises and special offers, Balloon Store is one of the must-see places at Emaar Square Mall. Especially if you like partying! You can easily find licensed cartoon character cups and plates for your kids and neon balloons, mat plates and cups that are just getting popular for adults. You can find the Balloon Store on the -4th floor of Emaar Square Mall, where you will have fun while visiting.

Special Flavors; Big Chef

Big Chefs hosts beautiful meetings and pleasant times with its special menu and comfortable decoration where you will feel the feeling of family warmth in every corner. Big Chefs welcomes you at Emaar Square Mall with fresh flavours of the season and delicious flavours. Big Chefs, Turkey is preparing adding modern interpretations of regional dishes, offers its guests the flavours of the world’s elite. If you want to have a meal break, Big Chefs is waiting for you at Emaar Square Mall on the Terrace Floor.

You can shop; Baqa

BAQA realizes it’s designs prepared with the Turkish and European designers that it shares its vision with more than 30 employees. Breathable lightweight fabrics and soft touches create a sense of touch on surfaces, reflecting the importance BAQA attaches to quality and aesthetics. It is possible to see the inspiration from the geometric aesthetics and contemporary ornaments in the style of the brand, which approaches the design from an architect’s perspective. The basis of the brand is based on this understanding; is based on creating unique urban views. You can find the Baqa brand on the -2nd floor at Emaar Square Mall, which creates a sophisticated, dynamic, stylish and comfortable style for women who know that style is not just dressing up but a way of life.

Sweetens Your Mouth; Beylerbeyi Profiterole

Profiterole, which consists of special cream filled in ball-shaped dough and plenty of melted chocolate covering it, will sweeten your mouth between shopping. Beylerbeyi Profiterole, which has been serving since 1995, is waiting for sweet lovers at Emaar Square Mall. Profiterole Beylerbeyi of course milk desserts, ice creams and fruit juices made from seasonal fruit are also sold. Beylerbeyi Profiterole is located on the -3rd floor of Emaar Square Mall to sweeten your mouth between shopping.

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