Comprehensive Menu and Elegant Ambience: Cantinery

Comprehensive Menu and Elegant Ambience: Cantinery

Do you have a unique taste? Do you like to try different flavours in restaurants and eat updated dishes in the freshest way? Then we have good news for you. If you’re going to have a romantic and unique meal and restaurants aren’t enough for you, Emaar Square Mall is opening up a place for you! With its new menu and daily dishes every day, Cantinery meets with food lovers at Emaar Square Mall. The foods, which are taken daily each day, are carefully washed and turned into special meals that the Cantinery offers to its guests. The Cantinery allows you to accompany your meal with unique wine selections and specially selected beer menus.

At the same time, the Cantinery will be designed to draw you in visually with its unique intimate decoration. First of all, the freshness of the products, customer satisfaction and quality service of the principle of Cantinery itself, will insist send you satisfied without.


The CANTINERY reflects the 10-year experience of Cam Mira and the Lucca team … by reintroducing the city to familiar tastes; daily, using fresh ingredients and local produce, each dish bringing a unique flavor Cantinery discovery, breakfast, lunch and dinner are spread throughout the day, very good food, very good wine program, cocktails, beer selection and flavor with attract enthusiasts and the city’s gastronomic scene brings a whole new meaning to high CANTINERY, a common refectory, a kitchen open to cheerful and friendly at Emaar Square Mall gourmet delicacies in different flavours-with guests, will bring together.

In the kitchen, there will be sections with different flavours such as Stone Oven, Crudo Bar (cold Bar) and Grill, which will support each dish to make it even more delicious…

The Cantinery will take its place at Emaar Square Mall with “craft” cocktails, a specially selected beer menu and ambitious wine selections to accompany the meal, in line with dishes in which the contents of each glass are specially made with fresh produce.

If you want to eat in a quality and comfortable atmosphere, and have a pleasant meal with family or friends, you should try Cantinery restaurant. The Cantinery, which is set to become one of Emaar Square Mall’s on-site quality restaurants, is aimed at appealing to the younger segment and becoming a more pop venue. At the same time, Cem Mirap is putting another place next to the place; C Bar. Coffee and drinks will be served at Bar C, and it is expected to be available at the Cantinery’s specials as well. Cantinery’s culinary specialties, lobster burgers, truffle-flavoured mushroom pizza and prawn carpaccio come across as fine options to choose from, along with convenient beer and wine pairings. The venue, which can be visited all day for coffee or wine, is also pretentious with an evening bar and dinner. Emaar Square Mall, the largest shopping mall on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, not only brings together unique and special brands to provide quality service to its guests, but also offers many options for delicious and fresh food to its guests. You should try the Cantinery, which will soon join the Emaar Square Mall family.

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