Emaar Square Mall Offers Brands that Appeal to All Segments

Emaar Square Mall Offers Brands that Appeal to All Segments

Emaar Square Mall is designed as one of the best tourist attractions on the Asian side of Istanbul with its 40,000 square meters of space, including the most important and most luxurious international and local shops. It’s among the goals of Emaar Square Mall is to appeal to people from every audience. In addition to many luxury brands (Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci etc) in the mall, brands that have attracted intense interest from Turks (LC Waikiki, Koton etc.) have taken their place in Emaar Square Mall.

Accessories Stores

An accessory is an item that is used to contribute to a user’s outfit, or usually to complement an outfit, and complements the user’s appearance. The term accessory first came into use in the 19th century and is still used today. Emaar Square Mall offers you a wide range of products in many colours, many kinds and different quality with its wide range of accessories. Emaar Square Mall is home to 17 accessory stores in total. Names of these brands; Atasay, Atasay Exclusive, Hakan Jewellery, Hour Passion, Kurshuni, Lizay, Luzdemia, Monemel, So Chic, Saat&Saat, Pandora, Storks, Swarovski, Swatch, Tektaş Watches & Jewellery, Zen Diamond. Another accessory store in Emaar Square Mall that will open to visitors soon is Rolex.

Home & Decoration Stores

The place where individuals are defined as living spaces, where most of the day is spent or the fatigue of the whole day is thrown and comfort and peace are the most sought after places is undoubtedly the house. For this reason, it is necessary to create a place suitable for the visual taste of the user living in the house and having the features to meet their needs. All kinds of work done for this purpose are called home decorations. We all undoubtedly strive to beautify and make our home comfortable. Emaar Square Mall offers brands that will help you find your home comfort and create a style for your home. The names of the brands in Emaar Square Mall where you can find all kinds of decorative materials; Chakra, Bernardo, Bella Maison, Anatoli, Dhoku, English Home, Evidea, Idas Bedding, Korkmaz, Khan, Jumbo, Iznik Ware, Kirksu, Mikasa Moor, Mudo Concept, Paşabahçe Stores, Yazzma, Yatsan, Tantitoni, Tefal and Zara Home . Emaar Square Mall welcomes you with 21 Home & Decoration stores in total and you can find household items according to your taste.

Health & Beauty Stores

Of course, as everyone else, we care about our health and beauty. We use some medicines or products to stay healthy and beautiful. Instead of wasting time searching for each of these products in stores in different locations, you can reach them all at one place at Emaar Square Mall! This time saving and less fatigue means you can spend more time on yourself and focus on your health & beauty. Health & Beauty stores in Emaar Square Mall; Atelier Rebul, Flormar, Golden Rose, Gratis, Jo Malone, Kiehl’s, Klavuu, Kryolan, Nubia, Nars, Miniso, MAC, Paese Cosmetics, Rossman, Sephora, Watsons and Yves Rocher. You should not miss this offer from Emaar Square Mall to win in every respect.

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