Explore to Louis Vuitton’s Unique Designs

Explore to Louis Vuitton’s Unique Designs

Back to the year 1854. Like many young men of his era, Louis Vuitton moves to Paris from the small town of Anchay, where he was born, to embark on the adventure of his life. Louis Vuitton started his journey as an apprentice under the master of crate production, Monsieur Maréchal, and at the age of 16 he entered France’s most famous Travel Bag workshop and began to learn this craft from the Masters of the business. Just four years later, in 1858, Vuitton introduced its first chest. This grey and flat chest, called the Trianon Trunk, is a revolution of its era, as its design makes it easier to carry and place the chest. With less stitching, the waterproof crate becomes so popular that Vuitton opens the world’s largest store of travel supplies in the Paris of the 1860s. In particular, III. Napoleon’s wife Empress Eugenie’s preference for Louis Vuitton on her travels allows this name to spread rapidly between countries and continents. So much so that 19th at the end of the century all the major names of the period are on the waiting list. Louis Vuitton goes on to differentiate in its designs when the popularity of trunks causes its imitations to quickly emerge, and for the first time its two-coffee-tone plaid pattern introduces Damier in 1888. In 1892, Louis Vuitton passed away and left the company to his son Georges Vuitton. It gives birth to that iconic monogram, which wraps the intertwined letters L and V in a floral motif to separate the brand from its imitations and reinforce its perception of luxury. The checkered pattern and monogram are considered the heart of the brand, though bags have since been sold in a variety of colours and materials. You can find Louis Vuitton brand in Emaar Square Mall its magnificent designs.

Louis Vuitton Wind at Emaar Square Mall

One of Louis Vuitton’s largest shops is located at Emaar Square Mall. Especially Louis Vuitton brand shoes and bags are exhibited in the foreground; this store is addressed to everyone with a wide variety of products. The Louis Vuitton department store at Emaar Square Mall is quite spacious, which is a big advantage for guests. The Louis Vuitton brand, which is widely spoken with its designs, represents the Emaar Square Mall in the best way.

At Emaar Square Mall, you can visit one of Louis Vuitton’s biggest stores in Istanbul and shop there. Louis Vuitton, which has a total of 4 stores in Turkey, meets quality lovers with the difference of Emaar Square Mall. Louis Vuitton opened its 900-square-foot store, inspired by Istanbul, at Emaar Square Mall and offered its visitors a large shopping area. This Louis Vuitton store is heavily sought after by both the people of Istanbul and tourists from abroad. Emaar Square Mall revealed the difference in this issue and added another giant brand, Louis Vuitton, to the giant brand scale. If you want to try and even buy Louis Vuitton’s unique designs, you can find the Louis Vuitton store on the –1st floor of Emaar Square Mall.

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