For a Shopping Experience in Istanbul Grand Bazaar Architecture

For a Shopping Experience in Istanbul Grand Bazaar Architecture

Istanbul is known for its ancient buildings and unique architecture. Emaar Square Mall, of course, does not ignore the known and inspired by the important markets of Turkey, open and closed areas and many opportunities offered to its visitors.

You love to shop, but don’t you like to stay indoors? Then Emaar Square Mall is a great mall for you! Emaar Square Mall gathers the most important brands in the world. The fashion world of Paris with Galeries Lafayette, one of the first brands to go on sale in Turkey, and the jewellery world of America with Harry Winston are meeting at Emaar Square Mall in Istanbul. The shopping centre, which includes France’s famous luxury brands Cartier and Hermès and many other major brands, is particularly admired by its visitors for its Grand Bazaar architecture.

Emaar Square Mall, which offers you the pleasure of shopping in the open space, is especially inspired by the architecture of the Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar, which was founded in 1461, resembles a giant measured maze thanks to its aesthetic design. At first glance, the Cevahir Bedesten of the Square, which exhibits a complex structure with its colourful elements, attracts attention. The bedesten, which is in architectural monument appearance, is divided into 15 separate sections. Each section has a dome-covered appearance in itself. Small cells stand out in the interior of its walls. The sandal Bedesten is of design surrounded by 50 domes. This decorative bedesten is one of the leading examples of Turkish architecture as dome designs. These two important bedesten mentioned are described as the inner castles of the bazaar. The small domes that you will see in the open area of Emaar Square Mall are inspired by the architecture of the Grand Bazaar.

How do I go to Emaar Square Mall?

Emaar Square Mall is located in Uskudar, one of the most popular cities of Istanbul, with its multi-storey building, large terrain and open space. Emaar Square Mall’s on-site shops are spacious and spacious. Each store has its own style of decoration, and the open-air stores are very lightened. The Emaar Square Mall project, which is very meticulous about architecture, has an area of 138,421 square meters. The Emaar Square Mall project was designed in a mixed structure that combines hotels, offices, residences and shopping centers. For this reason, it is also suitable for use as accommodation and workplace. Emaar Square Mall offers both modern and historic visual feasts to visiting guests.

The view of the indoor areas of Emaar Square Mall is no different from the view of the open air. For this reason, you are provided not to shop in a depressing way as in other shopping centers. Emaar Square Mall prevents you from experiencing colour error thanks to its high quality lighting. Emaar Square Mall, where you can find the fine details of the Grand Bazaar, reveals a layout that its guests value. We wish you a quality day at Emaar Square Mall, where every detail is considered architecturally…