January Will be Full of Music at Emaar Hayal Kahvesi

January Will be Full of Music at Emaar Hayal Kahvesi

Hayal Kahvesi is the first venue to come to mind when it comes to live performance since 1992. For those who want to listen to quality music not only on weekends “every day”, our venue welcomes successful artists and groups on the stage and is proud to have contributed to the recognition of many artists so far.

Since its inception, Hayal Kahvesi has been appealing to both the soul and the palate, while its rich food menu and special cocktails aim to enjoy every moment. The venue, which has a concert capacity of about 800 people, also receives praise from its guests for its state-of-the-art sound and light system special acoustic insulation. In addition to the outstanding examples of world cuisine from breakfast, pizza, burgers to Steak, which it serves all day long, it successfully offers its guests many food and beverage services such as concept menus for white and blue collar employees and banquet service for groups. It welcomes its guests in a spacious and comfortable environment with a large capacity of 240 in the interior and 250 in the terrace areas.
Did you check out the January calendar for Emaar Square Mall Hayal Kahvesi?

90’s with Mete Kaya

90’s songs modernizing the language Mete Kaya, will meet with lovers in January at Hayal Kahvesi. So what days and times will Mete Kaya perform at the Emaar Square Mall Hayal Kahvesi? Mete Kaya will meet music lovers at the Hayal Kahvesi on January 03 at 22:00, January 08 at 21:00, January 15 at 21:00, January 22 at 21:00 and January 29 at 21:00.

A Lo Lo Latin and Jazz Band

We meet at Hayal Kahvesi for a lively and fun concert with the group, which brings together both its original compositions and the best-loved Latin jazz pieces from the past such as Caravan, Oye Como Va with a unique interpretation of their own. Colombian percussionist Joiner LP’s group of Colombian, Cuban, Mexican, Spanish and Argentine musicians a Lo Loco, meets you at Emaar Square Hayal Kahvesi on January 4th at 22:00.

Pınar Cubukcu & Fatih Ertur 90’s Pop-O Dada

Another team that refers to the 90’s is Pınar Çubukçu and Fatih Ertur. On January 9 at 21: 00, the team will perform at Emaar Square Mall Hayal Kahvesi, adapting the songs of the 90s to the present day and guaranteeing high volume entertainment for their audience.

Ilhan Guryalcin

He started his musical life in 1998 with his band called” Donence “and performed with the same group as the front group in the concerts of” Barış Manço “and” Kurtalan Ekspres”, one of the most important artists in Turkey. In 2003, the 3rd, the third, was held in Turkey. He was awarded “Best Vocal and Best Group Performance” at the European Music Festival. He played bass guitar and played back vocals for many years at Cem Karaca concerts. Since 2004, the artist has given numerous concerts both domestically and abroad with his solo concerts in the pop – rock style and still continues his intense stage work. Ilhan Guryalcin will be waiting for you at the Hayal Kahvesi on January 10th at 22:00.

Hakan Kahraman

Hakan Kahraman started to take part as a soloist in choirs during his high school years.
Later, he became interested in Turkish Art Music, and during his university period he became interested in Far Eastern and Western music, and in India he became acquainted with Indian music.
After graduating from the University, he participated in training and seminar programs in order to gain the technological diagnosis and treatment opportunities that developed in eye surgery in the United States to the health sector of our country. At the time, he closely followed Jazzmaster Buddy Guy in Chicago.
He studied singing and music. In 2013, he met Rafet El Roman, a master artist who came to a private hospital where he worked for an eye examination, and had the opportunity to share his work with Rafet el Roman. Hakan Kahraman was the producer of the album. Hakan Kahraman will meet you at Emaar Square Mall Hayal Kahvesi on January 11 at 22:00.

Gokhan Yeniada

Gokhan Yeniada sang the song Karaağaç on the stage of O Ses Turkey. The soloist, who became known after those days, is at Hayal Kahvesi on January 12 at 22:00 and and January 30 at 21:00.

Kılıç The Band

Book your place at Hayal Kahvesi on January 16 at 21:00 for a ‘ 90s night with the magnificent and fun-filled Kılıç The Band.
The Sister’s 2000’s Turkish Pop
“It’s time for the 2000s for Turkish pop nights,” says Fulya Görmüşoğlu and Firuze Görmüşoğlu, who take listeners back to the past with their sets of unforgettable songs of Turkish pop music. Take your place at Hayal Kahvesi at Emaar Square Mall on January 18 at 22:00 to take your place on this pleasant night.

Emir Can Igrek

Emir Can Igrek, the artist who achieved a successful debut with the song” Müzik Kutusu”, has composed compositions and has been intertwined with music since childhood. He attracted the attention of his followers with his song “Gönül Davası” in 2017 and his work “Aç Bağrını” in 2018. Emir Can Igrek, who reached a serious fan base after joining the acoustic program, managed to reach a wide audience in a short time. If you are ready to enter into the songs with this young and wonderful artist, you must be at Hayal Kahvesi on January 24th at 22:00 at Emaar Square Mall.

Bulut Atlası

With many demos in hand, the band released “Dead City” as a single through Sledgehammer music label. The band, which started to become popular after that day, will meet its audience at the Hayal Kahvesi in Emaar Square Mall at 22:00 on 26 January.

DJ Ali Tas’s 90s Turkish Pop Night

” 90’s Turkish Pop Night in various venues DJ Ali Tas, Kenan Dogulu, Burak Kut, Mustafa Sandal, Zerrin Ozer, Cartel, Serdar Ortac, Mirkelam, Tarkan, Yasar, Gulsen, Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan, Nilufer, MFÖ, Hakan Peker, Celik, Candan Ercetin and Levent Yuksel with the most beautiful songs of the 90s legend will take you on a spectacular journey in time. Don’t miss this special night at the Hayal coffee house, which will meet you on January 31 at 22:00.

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