Shopping Mall that Combines Many Experiences

Shopping Mall that Combines Many Experiences

Do you want to spend a day full, having fun, shopping and trying different flavours? Emaar Square Mall offers you more than that. Emaar Square Mall is waiting for you with a variety of shopping malls, colourful entertainment centers and multicultural dining areas. Emaar Square Mall, which has been operational with the aim of providing a space where visitors from Turkey and other countries can meet all their needs, has a Life Center feature on the basis of this mission, hosting 491 different brands on an area of 138,423 meters. Emaar Square Mall, home to Italian, French, German, American and many brands from around the world, presents current fashion to its visitors, while giving Turkish brands a place in its field, creating a popular and universal concept both traditional and modern.
At the same time, it offers luxury, accessible luxury and economical options for every budget in one location. The brands ‘ own discounts and deals, along with the advantages Emaar Square offers to its visitors, make shopping easier.

Emaar Square Mall Entertainment

With its capacity of 2400 people, Emaar Square Mall has the first 4DX multi-storey cinema on the Asian side, Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, and three different social concepts for children and adults. At the same time, Emaar Square Mall is able to touch every person from one place with its concerts, art galleries, music, culture and fashion events. Emaar Square Mall also attracts a lot of famous names for its collection designs.

Emaar Square Mall Stores

Emaar Square Mall, which has a variety of shops where you can find all kinds of products from fur to leather, boots to sneakers, opens its doors to visitors with its airy shops. Emaar Square Mall offers a brand new lifestyle, while bringing together exclusive brands to give you an unconventional and unusual shopping experience. Emaar Square shopping and entertainment its center features “smart stores” that cater to the diverse interests of its customers, right next to entertainment areas and innovative thematic stores. The most luxurious brands combine high-end entertainment, art and leisure facilities to create the “shopping chemistry” of this new project. All urbanites, young and old, are preparing to open the doors of a bright and whole new world. Anyone who comes to experience a different kind of shopping and entertainment will find a lot more than they expect from a mall. After shopping, all shopping lovers will feel the adrenaline, thanks to interactive areas such as the waiting ice rink and family entertainment center.
The attractive interior design of Emaar Square Mall reflects nature’s energy into shopping and entertainment areas. While each platform conveys a different feel, it all inspire the dynamism of Istanbul. On one platform, green spaces, sprinklers and blooming flowers create a vibrant environment and reflect the fresh air of spring, while on another platform, the life-giving energy of Green light, sea and fish dominate the landscape. The most eye-catching points of this view are the aquarium store and restaurant. On another platform, the winter weather of Istanbul is felt, and the breathtaking games of light created by snowflakes and ice crystals are met.

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